Tools, support and student inner motivation

The ratio between tools being used, support given and trust on and development of existing strengths in students

In the table below 1 is the lowest amount of investments in tools, support or developing students inner motivations and 7 is the highest amount of investments. By combining advices from the litterature for this week, I think one can come  up with the following conclusions:


  1. Tools ought to switch to more interactive face-to-face online tools the longer the course is in progress. This will motivate the students to continue the good work.
  2. Support ought to be more personal the longer the course is in progress. It also ought to be more forward-looking.Students need personal feedback when their own motivation drops and they also need to focus on the end of the course in order to keep the good work up.
  3. A students inner motivation develops from enthusiasm and high motivation to bad conscience for not having enough time to keep up the good work.

2 reaktioner på ”Tools, support and student inner motivation

  1. Kenneth, very nice visualization, I am impressed. I agree with you on almost all accounts. My only thought is that support / instructive tools should also be high at the beginning of the course – not as much on a personal basis (you are right, this comes later), but in terms of giving out clear guidance and instructions. I gathered this from the course literature, also on collaborative and flexible learning, that it is very crucial to have these instructions in place early on.
    But this relates to a different, non-personal type of support (formal guidance) and tools (general platforms). In short: maybe worth differentiating between personal and non-personal forms of support and tool use.


    • You are quite right. There is, I think, much more need for a personal feedback (or tools that allow us to give personal feedbacks) at the end of a course then in the beginning. But at the beginning of the course it ought to be clear to everyone that this kind of feedback will come at the end of the course. It’s a a part of the scaffolding (this nice word I’ve learned the meaning of regarding online learning).
      And – by the way – thank you for your comment.

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