Motivation and support


shutterstock_221573581This week we will concentrate on 1. support in online environments; 2. design models for online courses and 3. online tutoring and online facilitation.

It will be interesting to try to identify problems in learners attitudes to online education and to discuss strategies on how to overcome this problems, and to discuss how learners could develop their online learning skills.

When technology meet education the question on how one best can embed technology into the learning activities and assessment practice arises.

Here’s a link to basic Rogerian counselling skills. This perspective is useful when it comes to technology and people.


En reaktion på ”Motivation and support

  1. I very much like your idea to link to the Rogerian or Client-centred counselling, Kenneth. The main aspects that this counselling approach stresses are empathy, unconditional respect and authenticity. It is absolutely crucial to keep these aspects in mind – because for me it is one of the big challenges of online learning. I a face-to-face course I might be able to naturally build this empathy and understanding for other participants. But how does one do this over distance, without regular ”contact”, when often only communicating via text. In short: how do we make online learning ”personal”? The answer to this question will also be the answer to how we can motivate our students in an e-course.



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