Flexible pedagogies

flexFrom flexible learning to flexible pedagogies – both a broad gap and a narrow one. The wish to develop flexible learning – coupled with new technologies and diversification of learner profiles and pathways – lead to the ideas of a whole new pedagogy (or pedagogies).Flexible learning pathways did support new forms of thinking, a new kind of debate and actions taken in the higher education. The flexibility in flexible learning is about pace, space and mode.
— Pace encompasses different programs, part-time learning, regognition of prior learning.
— Space encompasses possibilities to use different working places and yet be part of the same studying group.
— Mode encompasses the use of technology to support learning.

In an article (Ryan, A., & Tilbury, D. (2013). Flexible Pedagogies: new pedagogical ideas) one ca find 6 new pedagogical ideas on the need for more flexibility in learning.

1. Learner empowerment changed the basis for interaction between educator and learner.

2. Futur-facing education communicates the wish to enabling people to think more critically, with creativity and flexibility, about their and the worlds future possibilities.

3. Decolonising education deconstructed pedagogical frameworks which promotes mostly one (the educators) worldview and extendet the possibilities for inter-cultural and global experiences and understanding.

4. Transformative capabilities focused on more than knowledge and understanding. The idea also contained a more engaged aproach to learning.

5. Crossing boudaries revolves around the idea that learning is not about expertise and academic traditions but about inter-disciplinary, inter-professional and cross-sectoral working.

6. Social learning is about developing the educational cultures and environments into more co-learning spaces, that also takes informal learning and social ineraction into account.

All these new pedagogical has the ability to change the whole academic system including the structures, the learning pathways, learning outcomes, and more.


2 reaktioner på ”Flexible pedagogies

  1. Yes, I think you are right. I found the text on flex pedagogic exciting because of the possibilities for redefining education.Possibilities to cross boudaries, to take knowledge to capabilities in familiar and unfamiliar circ umstances, to decolonise education, and so on. Very exciting!



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