What is ”forms of reification”? It is used in the text Communities of practice and social learning systems: the career of a concept by Etienne Wenger to conceptualize all the “physical and conceptual artifacts” we produce, like documents, links, tools (p.1). This concept is usually used in different contexts to construct other kinds of meaning. In Marxist theory reification is considered as a thingification of relations in society. The social relations then changes and are being replaced by the relationships between objects. In linguistics reification refers to the working process when a statement is transformed into quantifiable variables and in computer science you could talk about reification meaning the process from an abstract idea about a program to the creation of that program through a programming language. However, what about reification meaning the things we produce to build communities, not to destroy; to collaborate, not to quantify or objectify them; to get in touch with each other, not get away from each other? I find the use of this concept strange.



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