e-learning 2.0 and the increased insecurity

Reading this weeks texts I came across the following sentences:

”e-learning 2.0 creates even more insecurity. Liu & Johnson (2005) argue that the accelerating quantity and complexity of online resources focus attention on their inconsistent quality”. (Maria Pérez-Mateo, et al, ”Learner Generated Content, p. 3”)

My critical me started thinking. Todays situation with all open educational resources have increased the insecurity and therefor more attention have to be paid on the inconsistent quality of the online resources. Am I a grumpy old man or does at least some of all these tools have to be quality secured? And who wants to do this job? Do we trust them? Or should ”we” do the job?

The criterias for quality proposed in this paper are: Content, Format and Process – all defined by a number of indicators.


En reaktion på ”e-learning 2.0 and the increased insecurity

  1. You are not a grumpy old man at all. Then I would be one too. And I like to believe that we are just critical people that see both the pros and cons of developments, instead of just welcoming them full throttle. I very much agree with you that the new digital world has increased insecurity on one end, e.g. about the reliability of sources, about the safety of your own work, about the safety of your personal data. It poses new challenges to us, e.g in terms of double-checking information and needing to be more flexible in our responses, both time- and tool-wise.



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