Summary of Aharon Aviram, et al, Towards a Theory of Digital Literacy

digital literacy

The concern of the article is to discuss learning in generell in the digital culture and try to formulate a framwork and a theoretical foundation of the concept ”digital literacy”. As a starting point the authors takes two basic views for granted: 1. digital skills is only skills, nothing more; and 2 (which appears in two different strategies): a. the digital skills can be reduced to older assumptions on learning styles and multiple intelligencies; b. there has been a clash between the book-based culture and the digital culture.Educational responses in general to the development of digital cultures varies from full adaptation to compromising with it or to opposing it, but there is two things we cannot escape. The first is the Internet itself. It continous to influence the lives of each and everyone. The second is that we have to make a decision – we are forced to make our choice (Aharon Aviram, et al, Towards a Theory of Digital Literacy, p 14).


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