In control

If my course was an online course I would have to put up some structured information on how to join and work in my course, which rools we will use and how the student ought to organize these tools in a ”toolbox”. This is more true if I would have a course in the NW or NE hemispheres (where the teacher is in control) in Figure 4.1 in Coomey, M., & Stephenson, J. (2001). They are saying: “Structured hypertext that clearly directs students to desired goals results in more efficient use of time” (p. 43) and “Assign students roles and make those roles clear and explicit”(p. 44) is very important.

But I think this is even more important if the learner herself is in control.


En reaktion på ”In control

  1. Hi kennet,
    I just read your blog, which I enjoyed a lot. I particularly liked this topic ‘control’ but also ‘learning path’, short, to the point and in line with my situation/feelings regarding the digital world and the sharing with everybody. I feel that I still need to learn so much more about these new digital tools before being able to start discussing the different topics proposed in the course, and also understand how these tools deals with privacy issues.
    A toolbox?!? I Love the idea, and I also believe that a little control wouldn’t be so bad especially when the situation is like you describe unfamiliar, which is why in my blog I shortly discuss about blended courses. I think this solution might offer the opportunity to support, just like a toolbox on the side, lost rookie of the net like me :). (At least at the beginning!)
    Looking forward to read your next post.



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